The Amazing Sky Device

Dear readers, the government offers a tablet to the public for a $20 fee. And it is one of the most amazing devices I’ve ever seen. It’s good for five years and the amazing thing is if you lose it, it only costs $50 for a replacement. I’m a senior citizen and DC resident and I continue to be impressed by the range of services offered by the city. The DC office of aging has so many programs for senior wellness, transportation, such as the connect program. 

To me, there’s no reason anyone should be driven to commit a crime. There are programs here for everyone who needs help from healthcare to supporting citizens coming out of jail, transportation programs. 

If you’re sixty years and older you qualify for most programs. If you’re sixty five and older the city will also take special care to find you housing. For example I recently received a connector cars which offers free trips on Metro and bus. You can also tale an uber or a taxi off this card. 

The main problem is no one really knows about those programs. But as a paper we can tell people about it. Of course, there are also certain income requirements. If you make less you get more. They even have a deputy mayor in charge of returning citizen finances. 

If you’re coming out of jail the government has to provide support through MORCA. There’s no reason for anyone to commit crimes in this town. We have to talk about the impact of these programs helping citizens get back on their feet. 

Everyone in this room should have one of these devices, but I’m the only one who does. This is the thing to keep you out of prison, connect with your city council, free internet, it’s fantastic! 

When you turn 65 in this city you hit the motherload. You can get anything in DC, besides housing. I’m happy here. After I get my teeth fixed I’ll be the best looking guy in the city. 

Morgan Jones is a vendor with Street Sense Media.

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