The aftermath of the quiet storm

Being Cinderella and Beauty wrapped in one has created unique chapters in the story of my life. Replace the evil stepmother with a narcissistic mother with sons held in higher regard and admiration than the eldest daughter from the first marriage. The sight and presence of the eldest brings a flood of negative energy and emotions from memories of times of turmoil experienced throughout the upbringing of that child. As the matriarch battles her own demons, they are frequently unleashed on unwitting innocents around her, especially those who are attempting to provide a service to her untrusting soul.

The upbringing left the eldest daughter with a void that was hard to fill. She sought out compassion and love in the world and was led into the arms of beasts time and time again. Each beast would take advantage of her desire and need for affection in various ways, violating her body and manipulating her mind for their own benefit, desires and needs, quenching their demons.

Beauty was released from the abusive cycle once the light from within her was revealed to her through the birth of her first child from her last and final beast. The physical and mental abuse felt deserving to her for years, but that day the brightest light she had ever seen glowed in her arms. Life of her creation to nurture and love. The process and product gave new meaning to all that had happened and all to come. At that moment, she realized her internal and external beauty and a new chapter began.

The beast was removed from her life and she began to strengthen her mind and body. Realizing, knowing she deserved better — she deserved more. The journey will never end but the road only gets clearer as the light within gets brighter each day, with every new obstacle overcome.

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