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Thank you, Street Sense Media and volunteers, for giving me the opportunity to work and learn at your workshops: drawing, DCTV audio video, illustration, photography, and doing artwork such as designing mugs. This made me a better person. The workshops taught me how to read, edit, and think more effectively

Attending the University of the District of Columbia would not have been possible without the help of Street Sense Media and case management. Learning new skills and applying them in my everyday life is an awesome way to learn and do. I have since been housed, and I am in my fourth year of college. I’m planning to graduate in May of 2022. My major is political science and photojournalism. After finishing my associates degree, I plan to further my education at another university. I will be working on my major in photojournalism and advocacy work. My plans are to help others that are homeless to gain housing.

I would also like to thank my supporters who donated to me on the Street Sense Media app, badge number 59. Thank you so much. I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that cares and showed a homeless person like me the value of being a human being with talent. I didn’t know I had these talents until working with Street Sense Media. This journey has made me a better person. I am so grateful for all the people here at Street Sense and my app donors for helping me transition into my newfound life.

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