Thank you, Eastern Market!

A photo of Juliene Kengnie standing with a person dressed in a white and blue monster costume and a man on her right.

Photo courtesy of Juliene Kengnie

This is a letter to thank my customers at Eastern Market, those I was with before the pandemic. I thank the good God who made us that we will meet again face-to-face in this difficult time. My customers are very polite. When I see them and I shout loud to attract their attention to buy my Street Sense newspapers, I thank them infinitely for the donations they give me on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are alot of attractions at Eastern Market. Men and women are often out accompanying their children and walking their dogs. There are so many goods of all different colors: handmade clothes, fresh food, jewelry, and music livens up the market. Please come and buy your papers. 

Your Street Sense newspaper vendor, 

Juliene Kengnie, from Cameroon. 

Region |Eastern Market|Northeast|Ward 6|Washington DC

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