Tent City Momma: Barbie Bobbie’s World

A black silhouette of a tent sits against a white background.

Photo courtesy of SVG.

I couldn’t believe my eyes
When your body came pouring
Then the water came from my eyes
It was water because I was your daughter

The times we took to vent inside that tent
Was times I could count on someone
I took you before you started talking to Pwezzy
Because before I entered Union Station’s door
You wouldn’t talk or say nothing
Please believe me

So, when we got you to talk
I knew it was the breaking of a prejudiced world
And that’s how I became your baby girl
So now that you’re resting in paradise
I can close my eyes
And sleep knowing you’re in God’s paradise
So sleep easy, lady
Because I’m still your tent city baby

In memory of  Miss Bobbie, who died at age 57 on Dec. 17, 2019.

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