Technology and our future, part 3

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The trilogy of articles has now been written for all human beings’ confirmation toward the nexus of their significant other’s or others’ flesh and bones. Being clingy must apply to the point one will not be out the eyesight of their significant other or others present, as their presence. All because they’re representing living-life levels and progression with the future and its technology. 

Ergo the future and its technology redeem first with the infa-beam, which in all means once the significant other’s or others’ flesh and bones intertwined into the intervene subjugation apply an makes its way by all terms. Now as the peak speaks of the significant other or others whom attachments seek living life elevations, levels of the future and our technology. The living-life levels progression sort the scope which shows all identification of identity progression from the stages of life-living levels to living-life levels, while the target shows sincerity of clingy in 2021 and beyond with the future and our technology by all cost. Ergo in all to say: the future and our technology can not take charge of reality, RARG, which takes the future and our technology on the levels where real as real gets present flesh and bones presents as the presence of the future and our technology. 

So we as the human being must realize, too, recognize the fake must be deleted because the future and our technology respect the real as living-life levels progression is the stone printed from the past to the presentation of the present as the presence, which mean any cultures really don’t matter, cause we as human beings must breed to become as the bosses we are, too, for the succoring of all human beings escaping from the levels of the life-living levels to the living-life level within our future and its technology.

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