Surviving the Coming Financial Crisis


In today’s economic crisis that’s in front of us, what will happen when the economy crashes and the country collapses? Where are we going to turn as the future looks more dim and there is little optimism?
What if a collapse happens very soon? What will we use for money, what will replace the dollar? No one really seems to know. In my opinion we will turn to a digital banking system. If that happens, we need some type of collateral to back up that system. Which type of commodities can help us get through a financial crisis and create stability?
We also need some type of cash flow. To bring this about I believe we need to invest in ourselves, our people. If the country is in crisis mode, we will face wars and violence. But, with any luck, eventually the outcome will lead us into a new, more stable economic system. Hopefully one that is less vulnerable to manipulation.
But there is another matter that will become apparent once we enter this crisis. What will happen to the poor and the homeless? They will suffer the most.
So, in the meantime, I’m improving my financial situation by investing in myself and saving more wisely. I’ve been interested in investments since I was a kid. I recently made my own 5-minute video about how I became homeless and what I invest in with my money today. With this video I would like to develop my own speaking gig so that I can talk to people about my ideas on surviving a financial crisis. I also would like to pass on some spiritual advice that I have learned along my journey.
I hope to see you all soon.

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