Surrounding my sound with elementals

I used to be the marketing assistant for a music studio called “Wired For Sound.” They later became “Wired for Sound Records.” Anyhow, one time, while I was working there, I became inspired by this group I spoke to in the studio called Raw Deal. They had some feng shui energy with their raps. They had this song called “Politicking.” And their music inspired me to get together with some of my rap cats.
At the time, I wanted to form a group called “The Elementals” — I wanted the name to be a spin on the elements of earth, wind, and fire — but we ended up settling instead on the name “Surround Sound.”
Anyhow, we produced a few songs and made an EP together. One of them was called “Black on Black Crime” or B.O.B. for short. We also had another that was called “My Time to Shine,” which was a pretty fly song. These were some original concepts.
I also did a solo joint called “Southeast Soldier” to round out my demo record after the group split up. The boys pulled a coup on me a little after I introduced them to each other and before my studio hook-up fell apart. After all this, I went back to school at UDC to continue my communications education.

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