To the strong Black woman

Image showing gold crown with diamonds

Photo courtesy of Wildan Alfani/

To the strong Black Woman, the Mama of earth
It was a strong Black Woman that gave me birth
It was the Queen of the planet and her lap was the thrown
That supported me like a Prince until I was grown
It was the replica of Isis and the Warrior Queen
That was the symbol of the Black Woman’s self-esteem
And every day I thank Allah that my mother is one
She gave birth to a Prince and she loves her son
It was the Mother of Civilization that kept me strong
A strong Black Woman taught me right from wrong
To the strong Black Woman, I respect you so much
You make me feel like a King with your tender touch
I’ll go to war for the Black Queen until I am dead
And if someone disrespects her, then, off with their head
I feel the presence of a Queen when I see you coming
I propose a toast to the strong Black woman.
Can you dig it?!

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