Street Sense Media artists visit Touchstone Gallery

Several Street Sense Media artists visited the Touchstone art gallery on New York Ave in January to see and photograph the Communities in Schools art exhibit. The organization, which provides support for students in public schools, chose to create mosaics of six youth who benefit from the national program, including Angelo from D.C. The mosaic portraits were created with items that represented characteristics of the person.

Street Sense Media vendors Jennifer McLaughlin and Reginald Black stand with the mosaic of Angelo from D.C. On the mosaic exhibit’s interactive website,, Angelo explains some of the items used to create his portrait:
  • Basketball: “I’ve played basketball for over three years. I love the sport and practice at my neighborhood court as often as I can. I dream of playing for an NBA team when I grow up.
  • Electronic Chips: “I have a passion for mechanical engineering. I love working with my hands and the fulfillment of building and innovating.”
  • Colorful Clothes: “I take great pride in looking fly. I have a vibrant personality that shows through in my fashion. I love being one of the few people who can pull off wearing lots of bold colors at once.”
  • Toothbrush: “Communities In Schools is always there for me whenever I need basic supplies, like a new toothbrush, deodorant or backpack.”
  • Food Pantry: “My site coordinator introduced me to the food pantry. I always made sure to bring home snacks not only for me but for my family, too.”

My’Yelle from Georgia writes “I grew up in New Orleans, but my life was turned upside down when Hurricane Katrina forced my family to relocate to Texas and then Georgia. I found a caring adult in my school who became a huge part of my life and helped me improve my attendance and grades. With my reignited confidence and drive, I plan to attend Xavier University or Spelman College to pursue my dream of becoming a cardiologist.”

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