Still I Rise

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In an unstable state of mind I no longer stay, 
while staying focused in a world made for play. 
Homeless, I stay, when negativity, 
always has a place to stay. 
Well, I don’t mind, 
Cause I am no longer locked, 
in a bad frame.
Still I rise. 

Leaving sadness behind,
my life is in construction, 
building happier times. 
People say time is endless, 
But mine is limited.
I’ve signed many job applications, 
but Satan wants me to sign my soul away, 
on that dotted line.  

Fewer people smile,
so many stare, 
with that doodoo face. 
It might be they want to see my spirit,
out of place from a positive state. 
But I look them straight in their eyes and think,
Have a blessed day, 
because Still I Rise.

I’ve been struggling for many years. 
I’m still here. See, in my mind 
Malcolm’s speech about
By any means necessary” 
means I must keep climbing. 
I can’t fail. Why? 
‘Cause I’m rising  

Crabs in a bucket, 
some people can be. 
So everybodtake a grip, 
’cause I’m taking us 
to the mountaintop 
where Martin went.
Maya said, Still I rise is the force. 
So, I push ahead.

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