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President-elect Donald Trump

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Being homeless, it is frustrating to have Donald Trump as our president. He doesn’t have interest for the people or for our safety.

It frustrates me that people with jobs are ungrateful for what they have. If you see anyone out here trying to make it, help them instead of going against them.

It’s hard coming from the federal system to nothing. When I came home from prison, people looked at me as a waste of life. I don’t want to feel like that, because I feel I am a better person.

Most service agencies I’ve met, like Green Door, want to put you on medication – like that’s the answer. That is not the answer when a person is off track. And they want a lot of your personal information up front too. You tell some people about yourself and they don’t have your interests in mind. They play with what you told them.

I hope to see things get better for the poor and for housing to become affordable.

Regardless of what happens after this election, I want to thank Obama for the phone and the healthcare.

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