Staying strong on the streets

The photo is unfocused, but you can make out cars and lights in the street.

Unfocused photo of lights on U Street. Photo courtesy of Mike Maguire / flickr.

I will build a system to doctor the times of homelessness for the patients dealing with times on the streets. This way, all can know what to do with hard times. 

The coronavirus has upended the economy, healthcare systems, and global order. Whereas I had to reinvent my entrepreneur’s skill within the industries for the homeless, you can now call me the agent of change inside the zoom of the streets. 

Praised for the past. Now raised for the future, for hope. Searching for the cure, the breakthrough. Who has the hope to conjure up what no one has dreamed of? No matter the magnitude of the dreams of despair, now to find the answer for change and inspiration. Now to find the innovation that secures your future with the support necessary to create new beginnings for the homeless. 

Chance is always powerful. That’s why I’m so passionate about expanding awareness of the trials of being on the streets.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.