Star Date 99995074.9 – No Rest for the Weary

A photo of outer space


Previously: Two people traveling in what appeared to be a police call booth, one of whom was Q himself, appeared on the Starship Enterprise while it was en route to a star base where the crew expected to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation after restoring a massive mix-up with the universe’s timeline. It seems some things remain muddled. To help get everyone on the same page, I—your fearless author—parked the Enterprise in orbit around Earth 2 and called a meeting on holodeck 5…

Star Date: 999674.9–The Enterprise is still in orbit around Earth 2. Captain William T. Riker has asked that I make sure his crew gets some R&R. That’s partially why I waylaid them here. They would have been put right back to work and received no rest at Star Base 89.

Now everyone stands around where my head is projected onto the holodeck. “Hi everyone. What’s up?” I ask, thinking about where I could send them to relax. ”Let’s see….”

“What about Federation planet Delta IV?” I wondered aloud. Everyone agreed they would give it a try, having nothing against the Deltans. Riker ordered a course be set to Delta IV.

“What is going on?” Q asked, still confused since exiting the call booth he arrived in.

“Everyone is going on some leave,” I answered.

“What about the homeless camp down on Earth 2?” Q asked, worried for their fellow men and women left back home.

Striker assured Q that he had sent supplies and doctors down to help the people. Q was relieved.

Then Starfleet called the Enterprise, saying that they needed help on Planet Senika 5 because its moon is losing orbit. Q pledged to help along with Apollo and Starbuck.

Riker accepted and ordered his crew to prepare for Senkia 5’s rescue.

(to be continued)

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