Spring Time

Eric Falquero

Winter is over, time to put up all winter coats, boots, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, thermos, etc.

Daylight saving time has arrived, and so has spring time.

A time to blossom,
A time to smile,
A time to shine,
A time to rejoice,
A time of happiness.

Rejoicing the spring crisp air,
Birds singing so joyfully,
Squirrels running up the trees enjoying their nuts,
Taking out our dogs and cats for walks,
Enjoying the cherry blossoms,
Blooming out from the trees.
Every year enjoying the circus,
Which comes every spring or a nice basketball game or even baseball.
Taking brisk walks,
Breathing in fresh spring air,
Being cheerful and merry.
Enjoying icecream cones or a soft drink,
With a hotdog and chips,
Sitting on a park bench, enjoying the cool breeze of spring time.

Spring brings a lot of warm days,
And beautiful flowers of all kinds.
And beautiful green leaf trees.

Issues |Environment

Region |Washington DC

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