Spring is finally here

A photo of cherry blossoms.

Image by Couleur/ Pixabay

Spring is in the air! The cherry blossoms blooming are so pretty. There are pink ones and white ones —  they are such an attraction. They make the city look nice, especially at the Tidal Basin. The blossoms add an attractive smell to the air, a beautiful spring fragrance to accompany the brilliant flowers.

The grass is growing and the bees, insects, and squirrels are enjoying all the plants that are waking from winter. The sweet sound of the birds chirping and singing little tunes fills the air. Spring is a breath of fresh air. It all just makes you want to be outside, whether you’re walking or jogging in the crisp morning air, just relaxing in the sun reading a book or listening to music, enjoying bike rides, or watching our Nats play ball.

Spring is the season and reason to enjoy all nice days full of joy. 


Songs for spring:

  1. Everybody Loves the Sunshine” by Roy Ayers
  2. A Beautiful Morning” by The Rascals

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