Trickling (down)
(Then) plummeting
Sad flake/ confetti;

Glitter (briefly)
Crosses (the)
Spot Light, (but)
Flickers out!

Was her name,
Cyrene? Nethers?
Matters not
In th’ least (for)
We alone are left-
(To) ponder th’ meaning
Of eternity…

Note for “Snow Flake”:

Death is so absolute, so final —
Perhaps, its aftermath is less certain —
I knew very little of this
Clearly brilliant young star. But the news
Of her sudden death [was] so jarring, I
Couldn’t recall her name as I wrote this
Brief tribute in pre-dawn hours
Point being, the crystalline, lacy ice particle,
Crafted by an infinite God, catches the light’s
gleam [but briefly, as it wafts to infinite shade]

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