Small Talk

Street Sense has changed my life by enabling me to express my feelings to others who haven’t experienced homelessness. Being homeless in the past has given me insight on how other homeless people in the community have coped with homelessness.
Street Sense has helped me write articles to point out how injustices in the judiciary system affect men and women who are homeless and do not receive the fair treatment that a high profile and high priced lawyer would get for you. Street Sense has given me the freedom to write articles when I’m feeling spiritual: I see things that affect both the homeless and those who aren’t homeless.
This newspaper has given me a wonderful gift: I can earn an income through hard work and determination. Street Sense veterans who have gone to heaven and those who are still with us today have taught me what I need to do to be a successful Street Sense vendor. To them I say a heartfelt Thank You.
Selling the paper also gives you the wonderful opportunity to meet compassionate and awesome people who will exchange their first names and make small talk to you because they see you every day at a certain time. When I became homeless I just felt awful and kept beating myself up until one day when I was selling my papers and had several people buying the paper from me say, “keep up the good work,” and, “keep writing those great articles.”
That made me feel good inside and say to myself, “Aida, get off the pity pot and do something for yourself!” because no one pities you while you are selling Street Sense. After I did that, I saw admiration from others who didn’t even know who I was. I want to say Thank You to my customers because it’s not just the money; you did save my life through small talk. Thank You Street Sense for being there for me; without you, I would not know where I would be today.
So, Thank You Everyone!

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.