Serve Your City is fundraising to send Ward 6 kids to summer camp

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Serve Your City-Ward 6 Mutual Aid, a D.C.-based nonprofit, is raising money to send children in Ward 6 to summer camp.

The group plans to offer students a series of activities to include rowing, trapeze, martial arts, art and more.

All youth who participate will do so at no cost, said Maurice Cook, the executive director of Serve Your City. Serve Your City aims to close opportunity gaps caused by racial disparities in income and wealth.

“(Middle-class families) have a plethora of opportunities and options as far as the summer program activities that their youth will participate in,” Cook said. He added that he wants every child to have the same opportunity. To fund this project, Serve Your City is asking for community donations.

The organization has a strong commitment to the idea of “solidarity not charity,” according to Cook, helping people in the community relate to each other by connecting them through experiences where they can support each other.

“We are in solidarity with those we serve.,” Cook said.

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