Riding the Metro

Last year, I saw, while riding the Metro train, people getting their cell phones and headphones taken. The train would come to a full stop, the doors would open, and the phones were gone. That fast. Riding the Metro is supposed to be safe. Now, more robberies are happening in Metro parking lots. A lot of young kids are hanging out more around the Metro, which could cause trouble. Some are even smoking and drinking; we need more than just cameras on the metro. We need more police riding the metro, so people would feel safer. I know I would. I was heading home on the Blue Line last week, and, while getting off, outside the station four guys approached me. One of them asked if I have any money, and, before I knew it, one of them hit me. They knocked me down, knocked my teeth out, and stomped me. Someone saw it and started yelling, and they just ran off. I thought they were going to kill me. It’s a good thing that the lady saw it and started yelling. I thanked her, over and over again. I called the police, and they agree that we need more police riding the Metro. It will keep more people safe. Including me.

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