Remebering Prince

Musical legend Prince passed away at the age of 57, in his Minnesota home and recording studio, on April 21, 2016.


Prince is the man with the baddest sound
The purple crown
The cutest man
In the world
With the finest Jheri-curl

I wrote this a long time ago, but was never able to share it with anyone until now. My hero and idol – Prince will live in our hearts forever. My favorite Prince song is Little Red Corvette.

Tammy Michele Rice, Volunteer


In 1986 my friend bought another friend’s 1978 25th Anniversary Corvette. Red with red interior. Super low miles.

He Let me Drive it with my kids’ mom 40 Miles. This car had low miles on it, 10,000 I think. The experience was so AWESOME!

So when I hear this song, Little Red Corvette, it feels so good. It don’t take a video to impress it on my mind. Also, a 65 Corvette was Sold to My Friend Robert to get that corvette. I hope one day you all will be able to take a corvette for a test drive or own one.

Well, R.I.P Prince

Ron Verquer, Vendor/Artist


Chris Shaw

(You emerged, rose and showed us how to follow your lead. When you joined the Eternal Flame, a hundred million micro purple molecules spread across the firmament.)

Chris Shaw, “The Cowboy Poet”

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