Dark city street with overhead lighting and puddles

Trapped in a corner 

Locked in a psych ward 

I’m not used to this. 

I was supposed to see my probation officer 

I was supposed to go to Whitman Walker 

And pick up my medication 

For my hormones and HIV 

They completely threw me off track 

I guess I’ll wait until Tuesday 

I get released Monday night 

I ain’t got my medication 

I ain’t got it in like a week 

Yet I’ m trapped in this place 

This is crazy as hell 

You can’t even get a bar of soap 

What kind of place is this? 

I was dealing with enough 

Until you did this crazy shit to me. 

In fact, this place IS CRAZY. 

They have a one-hour quiet time 

I still got to go to court 

I work for Street Sense 

I sell newspapers 

What kind of place is this? 


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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.