Raheem DeVaughn, My Guardian Angel

William Mack

Ran into Raheem DeVaughn today, Feb. 22, 2017 at the Hamilton restaurant while asking for a donation for Street Sense newspaper.  He treated me to dinner and gave me a donation.

So, what happened is that I saw two well-groomed and casually dressed men outside of the Hamilton restaurant and I asked them if they’d like to make a donation for a Street Sense newspaper.  One of them told me “Yes, come along with us and I got you.” So, we go into the Hamilton restaurant and Raheem told me to order whatever I wanted for dinner. He also gave me a donation for the paper.

After all this I asked the gentleman what his name was. He said simply, “I am your guardian angel.” But I looked at him again and thought that this was someone that I knew. Then it hit me. “You are Raheem DeVaughn,” I said.

He smiled and told me “Yes, I am.”

I immediately pulled out my phone and went to my profile on the Street Sense website to show this R&B singer and songwriter the interview I did with him last year. The article was about his organization, the “Love Life” foundation, which provided a five-star full-course meal complete with waiters and menus at the New York Avenue shelter for men. We both laughed and he told me I could contact him in the future if I needed anything.

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