Is there something else you’d like to share with Street Sense Media? And I said yes. Thomas always asks me what’s on my mind on Wednesday. He asked me about the word culture. So I told him I think the word culture deals with things, like our race and the way we live. Next, he asked me about the word sports. So I told him we should go play some football after Street Sense closes. Next, he asked me if I like to draw. And I told him yes, I love to go to Maria’s watercolor class after the writer’s group.

We talked about eating somewhere and finding some good food to spend our money on. Next, Thomas asked me about my religion. I told him my religion is only about God. So when you talk about the president you hear people always talk about politics. And plus I told him I think life is all fair games. And next, we both talk about our personal life together. And we both said goodnight to each other finally.

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