Everyone must believe 

There’s a purpose for being 

Birthed (here) in this world 

Here on this planet Earth (see)

Most people believe that (here) is a purpose for being 

Where on what’s next 


Pur-pose (verb): the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Translation: something set up as an object or an end to be attained: Intention. Resolution, determination. A subject under discussion or an action in the course of execution. 

On purpose: By intent. 

My purpose must start with a strong and stern belief system that life begins with purpose. My purpose in this life depends on my destination, which is the next life. This brings us to my belief system. The purpose for me is a force of good against negative energy. Purpose can be used like clay. You can mold it to your liking. 

When finding or obtaining your purpose, you can’t be afraid of failure. While understanding purpose, you will understand success or failure. It’s part of a plan bigger than us. So I came to acknowledge that my purpose for existence is to serve a higher power. That’s what I feel inside myself. No power can explain or comprehend it. 


I am going to own that. I am here for a purpose. Everything I have been through all my life. The good and the bad, the ups and the downs, all this was for a higher purpose, a bigger plan than my own struggles or success. No questions other than my own purpose. What is this higher purpose? It’s all God’s plan. 


To dream, to have ambition. Feed your purpose. It’s the reason for going after what fills your heart, rather than material things. Purpose can be building a family and a home. But some believe purpose is to return to the origins of all humanity. That will be our ultimate return. This is my purpose in life, to make sure my final destination is one of my liking not one of disgrace. My purpose has a clear lane. In this life, some believe their purpose is the here and now. They believe in nothing after. They’re just here, existing, in the way of those whose purpose is much higher.


My purpose begins with true love. Love that I can’t give to no human being, it’s not mine to give. I can’t explain it. With the correct use, love returns back to its source. Humans are able to intercept this powerful love. 

Many do not understand this love. This love is so powerful, only one is deserving of this love where it’s safe and sound. With the understanding of this love, your purpose is guided right, and can’t be steered into the wrong. Your purpose stays clear during the everyday noise of life. Success is the inevitable when the belief is in a higher power. Having a clear focus will return me back to eternal happiness. 


The roads in life I have paved lay in wait for my arrival. But I am willing to work to rebuild. For I have learned the hard way, without purpose in life I am lost. I have unknowingly misused it, so I speak with experience. 


Readers, please understand that while searching for my true purpose, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I was just living in the here and now. Yes, I believe in a higher power. How will you find purpose? 


My purpose in this life is to use this free will of God’s love and apply it in the most positive ways. I must separate from my old self to reach my new self. Surrounding yourself with positive people gives access to your lane and feeds your purpose. Don’t get confused. If you are, you will alter your lane in trying to help guide others to success and flee from ignorance. 


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