Proud of my Brother

Pexels/Pattama Choolmsree


My brother lived a long life even though there was a crack addition and angel dust — practically every drug you could name. When he came to reality he became a so-called pimp. Believe me, this is all true, what I am saying about my brother. He was in a world of his own.

Yes, he drove fancy cars, dressed nice, had the girls, plus he was a drug dealer. If you know about the street, you can say he was living large, living a lifestyle of using and selling drugs. You know only two consequences will come along: jail or death.

It’s just a matter of time as to when your time comes. His number came up and he went to jail and did four years. While he was incarcerated, he got into the Bible and found God. When he was released from prison he still had God in his heart and right now, today, I am proud of him, proud of my brother.

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