Photo of a case of glass Coke soda pop bottles.

Image by Harry Stilianou from Pixabay

Pop is what they call soda, where some are from  

Pop goes the trunk, when it used to be Porsches  

Hip Hop is the music I sometimes like  

Pop pop pop goes the sound in my neighborhood,  

later to find out firecrackers used by gangs to test response and intimidate  

Pop goes the sound when walking by a car with guys I don’t recognize,  

maybe a gun or backfire?  

Pop goes the weapons at Tech, from a guy I probably met days before, but  

didn’t realize  

Pop goes the attitude when they tell you to be positive, but have nothing to look forward to, and a past they don’t want to hear Pop goes the bubble when asked to speak in an audience that may not  

understand nor care  

Pop goes the weasel, as they tell the kids  

Pop, why the hell they calling me pop?  

oh, I’m 45 and they are first time college students. 

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