People need more help accessing job training programs

When I got released from jail back into the community, a job training program was a great step for me, because it takes a long time to get a job if you don’t have job experience. 

Some people don’t have work experience. I’ve been working since I was 17 years old. My first job was with the D.C. government in the sewer department, and I had a one year contract to work with them. 

After that, I had other jobs in my life. For example, I used to work for an employment program during the administration of former Mayor Marion Barry. I think that they should have more programs like this, because they can help you build a better life. Sometimes you can get out of jail and be working in two weeks. That’s good for people like me, because if you have a job, you can be a better person to deal with. You can have a better conversation with coworkers, friends, and family. You also can focus on your personal life. 

I think that we should have more help accessing job training programs, which would be good for the entire Washington D.C. community. Having a job will change your life, and you won’t be homeless or unemployed. Job training programs will show the employer that you are ready to do this job to the very best of your ability, because you want a better future and want to obtain a better-paying job.

Now, I think that I don’t need a job training program. I’ve been working all my life off and on, so I have some skills to work different jobs. At my last job, I had a job specialist. It took her about 30 days to find me a job. I was very happy, because I know that when I work I will get a nice paycheck. I am 55 years old and can work for about 10 more years. That’s also up to God’s will. But I want to work that long, because I still have my health.

I think if I get another job specialist, I will get a job faster than if I were to try just by myself. That’s because he or she gets paid to find me a job, so that I can have an opportunity to earn money, which would give me a chance to pay my bills and to stay in  my housing program. 

Ronald Smoot is a vendor with Street Sense Media.

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