Not a Word

Rakesh JV/Flickr

Here I am in a room full of people
and not a word is spoken.
Neither side wants to talk;
neither side wants to know.

So, I go outside to get some air.
On the other side a man was smoking.
He smiled and said, “Hello.”
I smiled back and lit my cigarette.

Once again, nothing was said.

So, walking down the street to get on the bus
I saw a woman and her child.
They smiled at me. I smiled back as they walked by me.
Not a word was said.

I walked to the bus stop alone.
When the bus finally arrived,
I got on and saw it was full.
I found my own seat.
Across from me was a woman.
She smiled. I smiled back.
Once again it is silent,
and not a word is spoken.

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