No matter what people say, the job market today is strong

I hear people say they can’t find a job. I wonder about that, because everywhere I look there are advertisements for companies that are hiring day and night. You can look on Google, job sites like Indeed, and on windows at department stores. Just go in and ask. 

I believe it when the news says the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in years. I think that if people want to work, they could find something. A lot of businesses have closed up, but there are lots of new ones opening. So many companies are willing to train new employees. There are technical jobs available because the world is changing fast. There are science jobs that give scholarships. Johns Hopkins Hospital offers in-house education free including college classes with degrees. There are restaurant jobs, clothing stores advertise openings and people can find out about other opportunities through word of mouth.

Workers who are just starting out may not have the best experience sometimes, but if it doesn’t work out, keep what you got until you get what you need. Go to companies and ask about internship and apprenticeship programs. The new companies are willing to train workers up to what they want, so you can get in with less education. If you are willing to train, you might get less pay for a while. But it’s a better opportunity because after a training period you may be able to get promoted for more salary and more benefits.

The minimum wage in D.C. is more than $15.00 an hour! I never dreamed of that much pay. When I started working, the minimum wage was $3.75 an hour. Now many jobs also have some sort of benefits, such as IRAs for retirement or maybe health care plans. 

However, despite this better pay and improved benefits, sometimes people don’t want to work because they have fatter stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. They get used to being able to be with their children and enjoy their homes. They want to have a rest for a change. Additionally, the price of day care has increased and it takes a big piece of people’s paychecks. Transportation can also be a problem. Because of the shortage of bus drivers, parents sometimes have to carry and pick up their own children. This type of problem can make a person not want to work.

Of course, work is important beyond just pay; it’s important for socialization. When you’re not around other people and don’t have a social life, sometimes it can lead to depression or feelings of being left out. People need the work environment and the socialization of the office. If they don’t have that, they’ll be missing out on friendship, and this can have tremendous effects on your personality. Work is very therapeutic. 

Jacqueline Turner is a vendor with Street Sense Media. 

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