New Year, New Friend

Eric Thompson-Bey, center, holding his card with Reed Sandridge, right.

Second Story Cards

I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be a cardmaker with Second Story Cards for the past year. Second Story Cards is a D.C.-based social enterprise that makes greeting cards that are all created by currently or formerly homeless men and women. It’s been such a good experience for me that I thought it was important to let Street Sense Media readers know about Reed Sandridge, their founder, and what a great person he is. 

Last year when I was approached by Reed to make cards I really wasn’t into it. I was focused on finishing my culinary course that I was taking with Thrive D.C. Even back then Reed gave me advice on what kind of job setting would be good for me. As time went on and I got to know Reed better, I found out that he really does care about people, especially the less fortunate and the homeless community. 

Over the past year, I’ve made 10 cards. Some of them were holiday cards, others were about love.  I even did a card to celebrate the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup! Sometimes I help Second Story Cards out at markets and special events. I really enjoy meeting customers and sharing my cards with them. I’ve met some great people through my work with the company. I even got to see Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Capitals, speak. If Reed hadn’t believed in me and given me this opportunity to work with Second Story Cards, none of this would have happened. 

Today I am in a better place than I was a year ago. I’ve met all kinds of people and I can see some doors opening for me. That said, I still struggle sometimes to make the right life decisions. Reed and the people he has connected me with are always willing to give me advice and continue to put me in positions to meet people that I can get help from. 

I want to thank Reed for his time and help. He is a great person that I am honored to call my friend. 

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