New year, new goals!

A photo of "2022" written in black letters against a grey background.

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It is officially a happy new year! What a year it has been! A year of losses, a year of pain, a year of healing, a year of discovering, a year of change, a year of great moments, a year of it all. 

I want to thank 2021 for a great year. It has taught us perseverance and how to overcome hardships to become stronger. As we reflect on the year and the great memories we created, we want to look into what we tried and what we didn’t try.

We should want to go into the new year not in vain, but with a new mindset and fresh ambitions for ourselves. We want this new year to be better than that we last went through because every new year should be a milestone, a fresh page in a book where we learn from our mistakes. 

The year 2022 is here and we should not miss any chances to better ourselves. We should look forward to meeting new people, gaining new experiences and doing things we never dreamed of doing in the past. Overall, we should want to enjoy every day this new year brings us.  

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