New construction is not helping the poor

The exterior of a brick apartment building, with some people and cars in front of it.

The exterior of Gasner House, an affordable housing property opened by So Others Might Eat in April 2012. Photo by Brandon Cooper.

I believe construction should be done to combat homelessness more often, and buildings should be built for poor people who have vouchers. I truly feel and believe that the poverty rate in Washington D.C. would decline once this is done. Construction companies are not building any new buildings for people experiencing homelessness. Instead, big business owners believe it is more important to build businesses that cause gentrification which makes it even harder for the poor. We need more apartment buildings and rooming houses in order to stop the rise of ongoing poverty and homelessness.

Joshua Faison is an artist and vendor with Street Sense. 

Issues |Development|Gentrification|Public Housing

Region |Washington DC

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.