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Photo near the Shaw area of Washington, DC

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This is a story about my home, a Community Residential Facility near Howard University. My CRF is one of the best group homes in the city. The name of my CRF is Lamont CRF.  

We have a new house manager and even though he is strict, he likes to joke with the residents and sometimes with my help treat the residents to snacks like pizzas.  

His name is Robert Lee Dillard, Jr. One thing I like about Robert is that he is really kind to the residents.  

I believe that he is one of the best house managers in the city and I hope he will stay at my CRF.  

I love the place so much that I may not move out of the place. And in fact we may be turned into a supportive independent housing system. I like that idea so much that I help Robert out a lot. The house is well taken care of and I love helping out.  

There is one person that is one big trouble maker. Every time we get a good house manager who is well trained in running a group home he gets them fired. I just hope he gets the message he can not rule a CRF.  

Ken has been a vendor for nine months and loves to listen to police scanners. 

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