My Appreciation

A photo-illustration of an angel resting on a stringed instrument.


Since I became a Street Sense Media vendor in 2009, I have come across lots of people. I sell the paper at several places around D.C.  

I started at Eastern Market, and I was there for two years. Then a good friend of mine, David Denny, also a Street Sense Media vendor, took me up to the Foggy Bottom area, by George Washington University, and I sold the paper there for four years.  

One day, I met a man at the Foggy Bottom Metro station and we became good friends. I never asked him his name. I got so used to him, I called him Dad. He responded to that name. I just want to share my appreciation of him. He is a blessing to me because of his wisdom and donations.  

On Saturdays I go to the Silver Spring Farmers Market to sell my papers. There, I met two families and a young lady. One family is made up of Mr. Joe, Miss Sarah and their two pretty little girls, Kath and Julie. The other family is Matt, Melina and Linnea, and a young lady named Ms. Robin.  

It was a blessing how I met Robin. I was walking to sell my paper at the market and this old lady fell off the curb. I caught her in my arms. Robin saw the whole incident and she came over to me and said I “must be an angel!” Since that day, Robin has continued to call me an angel.  

I want to thank all those who donate to me for your contributions. I have left out many names of people I have met and who are a blessing in my life. But I love you all and I thank you all. 



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