My appreciation to my great customers

Dear Customers,

Thank you so much for all the support you have given Street Sense D.C. You are the reason we go, we move, we strive. Your support is so dear to us and I would just like to take this time to say a big thank you. Your generosity has helped many homeless to get better from where they started. Giving them this support helps them become better every day.

The blessing you give us will most certainly come back your way, and there will be many blessings to you. You are very dear to our hearts and we thank you for all that you do. You make us better when you buy our papers and you show that you care by contributing. When you read our poems and what we write in the papers, you make us want to write more. I love coming out in the morning and seeing Steet Sense, seeing your faces makes me want to do it every day. Thank you so much again.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.