More resources for homeless youth, please!

Photo of various used shoes of different sizes and colors.

Donated shoes at a 2017 Thanksgiving Day of Empowerment lunch in Baltimore. Photo by Jennifer McLaughlin

I lived in Baltimore City and when I was 18, I was independently living, until I turned 21. I aged out of foster care and I ended up homeless. I stayed with my friends. I received money from the state, where I couldn’t afford to pay my rent. This is why I ended up homeless. It was because I no longer had the assistance, I needed from the Maryland Family prevention of anywhere can help with more assistance from becoming homelessness by finding more support. They tried to send me to an employment program, but I needed more than employment. 

Communities should put together more resources for youth who end up homeless and on the street. They also should encourage young people to seek higher education. Instead of encouraging them toward a dead-end job, they should help them develop the skills needed to find employment that covers the high cost of living. You need to make about $29.00 an hour to afford an apartment in D.C. and V.A. We should do something to help youth when they age out of foster case and may end up homeless. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.