Molding life

Our lives are molded like clay,
based on our decisions made each day. You may start out not knowing your way,
each and every day making changes,
most just decide to stay the same,
because change is hard,
letting their gifts and talent decay.
There’s no good in attempts to run away from your purpose;
we all have a part to play,
why did I let that burden weigh on you?
In old age considering what could’ve been done yesterday,
slay the demons of today.
No longer fall prey to self doubt and dismay,
put yourself on display,
share your gifts and talents with the world
as they were intended,
only hide away to develop and grow
as a butterfly in a cocoon —
it’s a part of your DNA
to create your own lane,
be the star of your own play,
sculpt your life like clay.

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