Color photo of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial

Pixabay - lesjbohlen

His day reminds me how civil-rights actions have made such a positive difference in African-American communities. It also reminds me of how hard those communities are still fighting for some of the same rights that we were when Martin was alive, like access to voting and job equality.

Today’s activists still trying to make a difference are sometimes called the working poor. They still need a place to call home because far too many people are living in tents under bridges and in their cars.

Every activist group has a different cause: clean air, housing the homeless, adequate transportation, and right to health care… the list goes on. African-American activists need to work together. This way one cause will seem as important as another rather than saying education is more important than health care. MLK Day should be advocates coming together to reflect on and learn from Martin’s passion for and commitment to racial justice. We also must teach our children to be advocates. Doing that will truly honor Dr. King’s legacy.

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