Mirror Me

A reflection of a person taking a photo is visible in a broken mirror on the ground.

A broken mirror on the ground. Photo courtesy of user ulalume / flickr.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Time to make the narcissist fall 

She came around and she looked just like me 

Acting like she like me, but she ain’t really like me


She just wanna be me 

She would rather be the me in her memory 

They say a picture is worth a photo 

I say the image she took is a no-no 


Mirror mirror on the wall 

My narcissist faked actin’ like she like baseball 

She came around and she look just like a Nats fan 

She saw my picture and imitated all my facts man 


Mirror mirror on the wall  

I was on the phone when the narcissist crawl 

Through my window and tried to harass me 

Then she tried to smear me and drag me  


Mirror mirror on the wall 

I was lost for words when she cut her hair bald 

I was at work when she called to have me arrested 

Then she tried to lie and get me killed, then rearrested


Mirror mirror on the wall 

COVID-19 made the narcissist stall

Came back around when she saw my picture in the Post 

She’s still got monkeys flying around doing the most 


You are a narcissist, the devil 

Even the tree of life couldn’t help you

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