Militant Victorianism: The forced faith

Image of three crosses at sunset.

Three crosses representing a religious faith.

Every card stacked against you.  

What do you do first? 

Pray to God. Go hard. 

Then come up with a vision.  

A desire, a plan.  

Organize, research.  

And dare to differ accordingly. 


Meaning, be Roman in Rome.  

13% yourself and 87%  the expectations. 

Terms and conditions apply. 

Except don’t be Rome,  

For they violently sought change.  

And didn’t put God first. 


Now prepare for the unexpected.  

Make backup plans.  

Stems and loyalties.  

Act royally & embody the heart of the class. 

Redeem needed peace. 

Replenish or cope profoundly.  

No smoking or dining.  

And buy your advocate’s books. 

Sweet donations, sweet.  


Give your values and things you admire. 

Insist before you pay to get the goods out. 

Build your circle. 

Renew your surroundings. 

Add something to yourself everyday. 

Love good and better than yesterday. 

You are building a resume. 

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