Mercy for me

For the labor of those who believe in the Lord’s grace and mercy — one day a trumpet will be blown, and sinners and those who have lost their souls will know. For now, only the Lord knows the time and the date. There will be no escape, and on that day, their hands and feet will testify against them and their Lord. It will tell the truth, and you will know those who lied and those who tried and misled you.

Not to see. Not to believe, not to hear the beauty of the true spoken word. Some say the serpent didn’t lie. But where in the word does it say that Eve ever died? And is it a lie that an innocent man should die for your sins?

Then again, man is naturally ungrateful. And some are hateful among those who will be disgraced when their deeds of good and evil are weighed. No one shall be wronged down. I believe in the highest God. I believe in this one thing. We are left on Earth for bad times. Mercy, mercy,

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