Chino’s mark: Fond memories from friends

chino's memorial

Chino's memorial took place where he slept.

Emotionally connected to Chino

As I sit here reflecting on our relationship, and the relentless tears in my eyes, my prayers go out to Bernard Jamaal Dean, Jr. and his family; all love for my brother Chino. He was talented in cartoons and writing.  

You see, having a personal relationship with him, he will live on forever in my heart. It’s times like this that makes you wish you were dreaming.  

The saddest part about it is not talking, hugging, and joking etc. Never again! All you got is memories. So, while we grieve as a family, we lean on each other for support so we can get through the pain of losing a loved one. 

God bless you.  

Marcus Green

comic from vendor
One of Chino’s comics from 2011. Street Sense Media Archives

My business partner

Chino worked in the office at one point, helping to distribute papers to the vendors. It must have been 8 years ago. As a vendor himself, he and I were partners on Sundays, selling papers to the Church of Epiphany morning worshipers. He was always nice to me. 

Patty Smith

Chino Dean standing in front of the Street Sense Media office
Chino outside of the Street Sense Media offices.

An Enduring Memory 

Chino had lost all his bets in “Race to Riches,” 
in the old Metro News building. 
I walk in and hit the electronic “12” horse for $38.
I immediately gave a ten-spot to my good friend. 
Then I gave Chino a big, fat hug. 
THEN we both wept for joy!!! 

Frederic John

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