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Photo of a woman with dark skin, mostly hidden in shadow, covering her face with her hands.

Photo courtesy of Melanie Wasser /

Melanin, be strong

Melanin, gone

Melanin, can’t breathe

Melanin, breathe

Melanin lives 4 ever

Melanin magic…I do agree

Melanin powerhouse flames are burning 

Melanin life multiplies 

Melanin souls don’t die

Melanin, what is your power?

Melanin, peace

Melanin, strength 

Melanin, creation

Melanin, it’s still a better way

Melanin, I love you

Melanin, we matter 

Melanin, 42 shades

Melanin, we are not what they do to us

Melanin, we are proud 

Melanin, we are not what they call us

Melanin loves

Melanin protects

Melanin defends

Melanin is spectacular 

Melanin teaches

Melanin is majestic

Melanin, rise

Melanin is not vain 

Melanin shows messages in many ways

Melanin, lead the way

A video of the instrumental can be found here. Sasha Williams is an artist and vendor with Street Sense. 

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