Looking Ahead

Photo of the long road ahead

The long road ahead. Photo courtesy of Jon Rowlinson / flickr.

Looking ahead nowadays is harder than looking back. It used to be that when you’re looking forward you can look back on what you’ve been through and how you got through what you’ve been through to get to where you are. 

Now it’s more like, “What the hell?” It’s hard for people to get jobs, IDs, medical treatment and all kinds of services because of this “pandemic.” There’s still no explanation about this pandemic that I trust. 

The more they try to explain the more sense it doesn’t make. They can close churches, schools, and certain businesses but don’t shut down liquor stores or gentlemen clubs (strip joints, if you will)? There’s hardly any social distancing unless race is involved. And I’m here to tell you from my own observations, homelessness has increased. 

So what are we looking forward to? Things just keep getting worse for those of us in need.

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