Look at This a Street Sense Media Podcast: Episode Four

Street Sense vendor and artist Rita Sauls lives in a tent encampment with around 30 other people in Washington, D.C.

“Before becoming a tenter, I was living in a three-bedroom house,” she said. “It did catch on fire, so I was displaced.”

In addition to being a Street Sense vendor and artist, Sauls is also a “tent facilitator,” which means she provides and helps set up tents for other homeless people in the District.

“I used to walk around and see people on the benches and in the streets and in the storefronts, and I would ask them, ‘Would you like a tent?'” she said.

In this week’s episode of the “Look at This” podcast, Sauls talks about how she became a tent facilitator and reveals some of the hardships and losses she and her fellow tenters face by living on the streets in D.C.

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