Interpersonal communication is irreversible

No day will be the same —

so K-I-S (keep it simple)

Life is like a pimple

Once it begins, no one knows where it ends

God is our father, our healer, our friend

People judge you by your actions, not for satisfaction

It won’t be for your liking, but for their humankind, mind over matter, it’s all in your mind

If a man takes care of a dog, he is more likely to help a human being

Supporting a non-talking mammal is equivalent to how God helps the birds

“Ye of little faith don’t worry,”

Like King James say (study the word)

Basic instructions before leaving Earth

Once you master the gospel you learned your worth, your purpose, the truth


The whole time in the footprints he was creating you

A fisher, a leader, a model of Christ

Dedicate your life to him and he will give a sacrifice

To let go of something you didn’t need

The Lord is my shepherd

It’s a sin to envy or have greed

On the final days, he will separate the grain from the weeds

Don’t hold a grudge after the sun lets down

You once were lost but now you’re found

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed

Ask to receive and thank God for your daily bread

You’re the head not the tail

The proof is in the pudding detail

All Lives Matter

We all checked out well

They say Black lives are going to hell

Only God can judge you

In time your behavior will tell

Love yourself like your neighbor

If you’re living for him or dying in sin

God shows favor to his angels from within

He is a jealous God, only worship Him

Put no man before your father, we are all related to them

We are sisters and brothers for the Lord your tongue’s a blessing and a curse (it’s a sword)

The penalty for sin is death

Stop saying you have nothing unless you’re six feet underground and your siblings fight over your wealth

So don’t hoarder or border

When praises go up blessings come down in that order

With Thanksgiving submit your request to the Lord

He will make a way out of none

You can lie to us but Jesus says what you’ve done, vengeance is not mine so forgive everyone

Like God forgives you

The whole time you saw one set of footprints, you were tired and weak that’s the time he had to carry you always remember He blesses the meek


You are not alone if you think you got it bad it’s many of us with no home

So be humble and grateful and the greatest gift is called love

Give praises to Allah — our friend, our Lord

The Bible shows us how he works in mysterious ways

Always bless your food by saying your grace

What God got for you can’t nobody take away

Just put God first and remember to pray when two or more are gathered, he is in the midst of them too

Trust nobody but God it’s your final breakthrough

Let’s run to the end

Maintain faith and keep seeking

Study and pray and fellowship on the weekend

Your body is your temple take care of it

You only get one vessel here inherited

So fear no man but God and he will make you a new person

He counts every tear don’t change his working

God is the only one in control, love Jesus not gold

Materials can be replaced, but not your soul

You have free will to choose Heaven or Hell

tomorrow is not promised or given


So don’t throw away your blessings by not obeying his commandments

if you make a mistake, just ask for his forgiveness

The Lord is able, qualified, and willing

We all fall short of the glory

The reason he saved you is so you can save us with your testimony

If he did it for her so it can be done for you

Just remember to have faith, he will never forsake you

Will you least expect it, that’s when God comes through


You are now here by the strikes of Christ

Stay worthy and live right

You can’t change the past so don’t dwell on the notes


God loves to get the glory he will connect the dots

We are always going to die just remember to keep Sabbath holy

Use less of your mouth and learn lessons daily from his story

It’s never too late to get your life back just limit your say

Be grateful you’re alive Covid-19 is still taking lives

What man-made impossible God will align straighten up and correct

To be pruned hurts, it’s a lesson you won’t forget

The truth will set you free

To believe in God means to believe in the unseen

To have faith in him is to wait for his time he’s an on-time God, he doesn’t make mistakes you will be just fine

All things are possible for those who love the Lord

This life is temporary don’t wait till you’re overboard

Cross your T’s and dot your I’s

You can lie to us but what you doing in the dark comes to light, be honest enjoy the ride you only get one mic don’t forget God is on your side


So as a winner you always have a full ride covered with the blood of Christ, Black lives don’t matter,

All lives matter

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Region |Washington DC

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