Keeping the faith

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There is a new civil war going on in America. Much of the world is losing faith and trust in us. The word of God says the new Babylon will fall. It will be cut off from the world and will fall from within. The word of God says there will be crying and gnashing of teeth when this happens. America is the new Babylon.

Nothing divided like we are can stand for too long. We let the fool get to be our leader. We let him make fools out of us all. God said the nation will reap what it has sown.The American that some of us have been fooled by is here. The real racists are about to show themselves. These are truly apocalyptic times. I try to keep my faith in God.

Anybody can be a Christian, Muslim or whatever — but God loves the believer. The only relief for the poor and homeless is God, and the word says we must be believers to be accepted by Him. We need to embrace God and stop believing in a government full of liars. How can we still have so many homeless
with all these churches?

So many liars.

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