Keep the Door Shut

A closed brown door inset in a blue wall.

A closed door. Photo courtesy of Tom Wellin / NeedPix

You approach me as if you was heaven-sent, 

but you was a counterfeit.


You thought you could blend into my world, 

but you was not created for me.


I let you into my world,

I became your friend, your bread, 

and became intimate with you. 

But your personality drove me insane.  


You approach me as an opportunist, 

and attach your spirit onto me to grow. 

I was never supposed to cross your path.


You was sent to me by your god,

but not by your master.


You was Satan; You accuse me, 

the brethren day and night, 

of cheating.

But you didn’t have no confidence.


You thought I would never leave,

but Christ broke the chains.

Jennifer Orange is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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