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If you have never been homeless, why judge a person going through it. It is very hard out here. Being homeless, when you are dealing with a mental health problem and addiction, only makes matters worse. When you see someone selling the paper Street Sense, you know they are working to better themselves. They are growing their communication skills and improving their life’s opportunities.   

I had other homeless people watching me, trying to find out how I sell the paper. It’s been hard. Dealing with the heat and other people trying to tell me to get a job. And some people are racists. They try to start something with me, using words that hurt. It’s hard to communicate with people who come to you with words like “why don’t you do this…” or “why don’t you do that” or “why are you at a loss?” But you and I must try to stay strong and not let people cut into your skin.  

Thank God for my place. I am trying to work on holding on to it. My case manager is strongly in my corner. Remember to take steps forward for yourself. God will take the rest of them for you. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.